Professor Graham Meadows

Graham Meadows is a psychiatrist and epidemiologist who has professorial appointments at Monash University and the University of Melbourne and a consultant position with Monash Health. Graham has over 140 publications including lead authorships on multi-site studies of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Recovery Oriented Practice implementation. His research, clinical leadership, policy advisory and training activities have reflected commitment to a value-base including equity, empowerment, efficiency and sound use of evidence throughout healthcare delivery and planning. In the mindfulness area he combines three decades of practice across several traditions with health service research skills and significant research leadership track-record.

Charles Potter
Charles Potter

Charles Potter is a founding member of The Contemplary and member of the Board of Directors. His training and professional life has primarily involved the application of psychoanalytic and systems frameworks in the study and development of social systems – particular work organisations.  Charles is a former consultant to organisations and director of human resource functions. Since the late 1970s Charles has been involved in a variety of meditation practices in the service of psychological wellbeing and spiritual insight. The formation of The Contemplary reflects his interest in supporting individual and collective wellbeing by promoting ethical and contemplative practices from various traditions and offering these in conjunction with insights from the sciences, arts and humanities. Charles has a strong interest in the multi-disciplinary analysis of the causes, conditions and dynamics of flourishing.

Frances Shawyer

Frances Shawyer is Deputy Director and a Research Fellow with Southern Synergy, the Southern Adult Mental health Research, Training and Evaluation Centre in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University where she also coordinates the Mindfulness Program. Fran has worked as a clinical psychologist and researcher for over 20 years in a variety of settings including public mental health, clinical research and private practice. Her main research interest is in mindfulness-based therapies: she has led or co-authored 34 journal articles and book chapters including 17 related to this topic.

Professor Nicholas Van Dam

Nicholas Van Dam is a Senior Lecturer in the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences at the University of Melbourne and holds an appointment as Adjunct Assistant Professor in Psychiatry at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City. He completed an MA and PhD in Clinical Psychology and did Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Psychiatric Neuroimaging and Big Data. His research focuses on assessing, understanding, and treating high-prevalence psychopathology (e.g., anxiety, depression, and substance use disorders), in addition to work in the area of advancing the integration of first-person (via contemplative practice and improved self-report) and third-person (via neuroimaging and computational modeling) experience. Nicholas has been engaged with mindfulness and meditation research and practice since 2007, has written extensively on the assessment of mindfulness, and did his PhD thesis on the utility of mindfulness-based interventions for anxiety and depression.

Debbie Lang

Debbie Lang is the Executive Assistant to Prof. Graham Meadows. Debbie has worked at Southern Synergy since 2006. During that time, she has been able to provide administrative support to a wide range of projects. Some of these include the support to major state and commonwealth-funded research projects along with logistic support for conferences (Mindfulness, Science & Practice Conference 2013). Debbie is also the administrative support to the MBBS Year 4 students and Department of Health funded LAMPS Workshops.

Kate Paton

After several years in corporate industrial relations and human resources and subsequently running a small business, Kate followed her long held interest in contemplative practices and meditation, completing studies in natural medicine in 2008. An interest in linking eastern philosophy and western science led to studies in Psychology and ultimately completion of a Masters in Public Health at Melbourne University.  In 2010, Kate completed teacher training for the Cultivating Emotional Balance programme.  She currently works in paediatric research and joins the Contemplary to continue her interest in the application of contemplative practices in personal, professional and academic life.